Scopa in english

scopa in english

Traduzioni in contesto per "scopa" in italiano-tedesco da Reverso Context: Come dire una scopa molto nuova. Feb 11, Scopa is an Italian card game, and one of the two major national card games in Italy. It is also popular in Brazil, brought in by Italian immigrants. Scopa (italienisch für Besen) ist ein beliebtes italienisches Kartenspiel. Gespielt wird üblicherweise mit dem italienisch-spanischen Blatt. Dieses existiert in.

The player to the dealer's right begins play. This player has two options: Either place a card on the table, or play a card to capture one or more cards.

A capture is made by matching a card in the player's hand to a card of the same value on the table, or if that is not possible, by matching a card in the player's hand to the sum of the values of two or more cards on the table.

In both cases, both the card from the player's hand and the captured card s are removed and placed face down in a pile in front of the player.

These cards are now out of play until scores are calculated at the end of the round. If by capturing, all cards were removed from the table, then this is called a scopa, and an additional point is awarded at the end of the round.

Note that it is not legal to place on the table a card that has the ability to capture. For example, if a 2 and a 4 are on the table and a player holds a 6, the player must either take that trick or play a different card from their hand.

In any circumstance in which a played card may capture either a single or multiple cards, the player is forced to capture only the single card.

For example, if the cards on the table are 1, 3, 4, and 8 Knave, or Fante in Italian , and the player plays another Knave, the player is not allowed to capture the 1, 3, and 4, even though their total does add up to 8.

Instead, the player is only allowed to capture the Knave. After all players have played all three cards, the dealer deals out three more cards to each player, again beginning with the player to their right.

That player then begins play again. No additional cards are dealt to the table. This process is repeated until no cards remain in the deck.

After the dealer has played the final card of the final hand of the round, the player who most recently captured is awarded any remaining cards on the table, and points are calculated for each player or team.

If no team has yet won the game, the deal moves to the right. The new dealer shuffles and deals the cards as described above. Points are awarded at the completion of each deal.

If playing in teams, the team members combine their captured cards before counting to calculate points. Players get one point for each "scopa".

If two or more teams or players capture the same number of cards, same number of coin cards, or the same prime value, no point is awarded for that result, e.

The "prime" for each team is determined by selecting the team's "best" card in each of the four suits, and totaling those four cards' point values.

When calculating the prime, a separate point scale is used. The player with the highest number of points using this separate point scale gets one point toward the game score.

Other versions of the prime's point scale exist. Most use the same ranking of cards but have variant scores, e.

A variant that is popular in America but disliked by purists is to award the prime to the person with the most sevens, or the person with the most sixes if there is a tie, down to aces, and so on.

Obviously, the seven of coins is the most valuable card in the deck, as it alone contributes to all the four points. A player or team can win the "prime" even with only one seven but other useful cards.

Therefore, it is a common tactic, while playing the game, to capture aces and sixes whenever possible. Likewise, if a player is holding a six and there are an ace, a two, a three, and a four on the table, they should choose the five plus the ace, unless they have already taken the seven or the six of the suit of the ace and unless one of the two remaining cards is of the coins suit and they haven't made the point of coins yet.

In addition to the four standard points called "punti di mazzo", literally "deck's points" , teams are awarded additional points for every "scopa" they took during game play.

A scopa is awarded when a team manages to sweep the table of all cards. That is, if the table contains only a 2 and a 4, and player A plays a 6, player A is awarded a scopa.

Clearing the table on the last play of the last hand of a round does not count as a scopa. The game is played until one team has at least 11 points and has a greater total than any other team.

No points, including scopa points, are awarded mid-round; they are all calculated upon completion of the round. For that reason, if the current score is 10 to 9, and the team with 10 points captures the seven of coins or a scopa, the team cannot immediately claim victory.

It is still possible that the opposing team could end up with a tied or higher score once all points are calculated. In some Italian cities before the game the players can agree to play with the "cappotto" variant, in that scenario if a player is winning 7 points to 0, the game can be considered over and the player does not have to reach the total of 11 points.

It is also possible to agree on a different score, usually with increments of five or ten, e. Traditionally, one card from a sweep is turned face up in the captured cards, to remind players while calculating points that a scopa was won, and to taunt them.

Many players deal the initial table cards in a 2x2 square. There are many variations of scopa. Since there are no formal rules, it is good manners to agree with the other players on the rules that are to be used before starting a game.

Many of the variations here can be combined. For example, a common variant in the Milan area combines "Scopone scientifico", "Scopa d'Assi" and "Napola".

When playing with a standard card pack with French suits, 12 cards need to be removed from the deck. Easiest for most new players is to remove the face cards, and therefore play with cards ranging numerically from one through ten.

More traditional is to remove the eights, nines, and tens from the deck, which yields the card "Milanese" deck.

With the Milanese deck the Jack is 8, the Queen is 9, and the King is 10 note that in some Neapolitan decks, the Jack is called "Lady" and is worth 8.

Regardless of which cards are removed, the diamonds suit is used for the Italian coin suit, making capturing the most diamonds and the seven of diamonds each worth a point.

In this variation of the game, playing an Ace captures all cards currently on the table and does not count as a scopa.

Depending on other chosen variants, it can happen that an ace is already on the table when one draws an ace. Context sentences Context sentences for "scopa" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

Italian essere rigido come un manico di scopa. Italian ha mangiato il manico della scopa. Italian rigido come un manico di scopa.

Italian manico di scopa. Italian sconvolgere sconvolgimento sconvolgimento politico sconvolta sconvolto scoop scoordinato scoordinazione scooter scooter da viaggio scopa scopa con la spazzola in spugna scopa delle streghe scopa nuova spazza bene scopamico scopare scopare in giro scoparsi scopata scopatore scopatori More translations in the English-Indonesian dictionary.

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Üblicherweise geschieht dies in der Reihenfolge: Tempo una settimana e si scopa Ryan. Das Paar gewinnt, das am Ende eines Spiels zuerst mindestens spielgeld casino online Punkte erreicht hat. La vecchia scopa mostra una debolezza, finalmente. Wie unterscheiden die sich wohl? Scopone wird von vier Spielern in festen Partnerschaften von jeweils zwei Spielern gespielt, wobei die Partner einander gegenüber sitzen. Frieda, schiacciali con la scopa. Ich bin der alte BesenMr. Zur Strategie von Scopone könnte noch viel mehr gesagt werden. Der Geber teilt hierfür drei Karten aus, scopa in english zwei verdeckt in die Mitte, teilt wieder drei Karten aus, legt nochmals zwei in die Mitte und gibt dann wieder an jeden Spieler drei Karten aus. Scopa in english - sie Alluminio Pulire a [ Word of the Hollywood casino slots online latke. Dieses existiert in regional verschiedenen Versionen. Ja, ich kenne auch die "napoletane".

in english scopa -

Eine jährige bumst einen viel älteren Mann und erwacht spirituell wie sexuell. Dies ist eine weitere, wenn auch schwache Form des Wirbelsturms. Bei einer alternativen Spielweise wird ein weiterer Punkt verteilt für den Spieler oder die Partei. Die Karten werden vom Geber gemischt und vom Gegner links neben dem Geber abgehoben. Da die Regeln des Spieles wenig Aufmerksamkeit fordern, zeichnet dieses Mitzählen einen guten Scopa- oder Scopone-Spieler aus, wobei letzterer natürlich taktischer spielen kann, weil er immerhin neun oder zehn Karten von Anfang an kennt. Sind auf diese Weise die drei Handkarten verspielt, gibt der Geber jedem Spieler wieder drei aus. Ja, denn sie unterscheiden sich höchst wahrscheinlich nur im "Design". Used to beat em 2019 viertelfinale prognose with konzertpaket broom handle. A Knave is a lone male figure standing. Se un manico di scopa li colpisce, fa Beste Spielothek in Balve finden rumore tintinnante. Italian manico di scopa. This process is repeated until no cards remain in the deck. There are apps for Android smartphones, and the Nokia internet tablet running the Maemo operating system, as well as for iOS iPads and iPhones. For athletes who may have. A capture is made by matching a card in the poker kombinationen hand to a card of the same value on the table, or if that is not possible, by matching a card in the player's hand to the sum of the values of two or more cards on winario erfahrungsberichte table. Mi picchiava col manico della scopa. In this variation also known scopa in english Scopone trentinoa team capturing the ace, two, and three of coins achieves all star casino Napola or Napoli Beste Spielothek in Grimmschleben finden is awarded additional points equal to the highest consecutive coin they obtain, e. The player with the highest number of points using this separate point scale gets one point toward the game score.

in english scopa -

Ein Spiel jedoch endet meistens, wenn ein Punktestand von 11 oder 21 erreicht ist, seltener auch von Non sono un pezzo di merda che si scopa un'altra donna alle spalle della propria fidanzata! In diesem Fall werden 6 Mal 3 Karten ausgeteilt. Sind die Augen beider primiera gleich, so verfällt auch dieser Punkt. Hat seinen Schwengel auch in eure Freundin Andrea gesteckt. Wenn die Spieler alle Karten ausgespielt haben, gewinnt der letzte Spieler, der Beutekarten gewonnen hat, alle Karten, die noch aufgedeckt auf dem Tisch liegen. Dieser Bonus wird als Napoli genannt. Io sono la scopa vecchia, signor Crawley. Wenn beide Paare 5 Münzen haben, wird dieser Punkt nicht vergeben.

Scopa in english -

Bei dieser Variante wird nach den oben beschriebenen Regeln zu Scopa gespielt, nur dass das Legen eines Asses alle Tischkarten kauft. Die Beispielsätze sollten folglich mit Bedacht geprüft und verwendet werden. Scopa Scopa ist das Spiel, aus dem Scopone entwickelt wurde. Das Ausspielen dieser Karte ist Pflicht, gepasst werden darf nicht. Ich habe gerade napoletane, piacentine und siciliane verglichen, sie sind auch designmässig sehr ähnlich, nur bei den piacentine sind die Figuren halbgespiegelt. Juni um When in use, clean the floor [ All the latest wordy news, linguistic insights, offers and competitions every month. Poker, Ramino oder Bridge? Hai la foto di un senatore che si scopa una capra? Bei einer alternativen Spielweise wird ein weiterer Punkt verteilt für den Spieler oder die Partei. Hat seinen Schwengel auch in eure Freundin Andrea gesteckt. Hätten beide Spieler je zwei Siebener und zwei Sechser in der primiera gäbe es nach herkömmlicher Zählweise keinen Punkt für eine Seite, da Punktegleichstand wäre. Otherwise your message will be regarded as spam. Dies kann als scopa gezählt werden oder auch nicht, je nachdem wie man es vereinbaren möchte. Infatti si scopa la vostra amichetta Andrea. Es gibt fünf Möglichkeiten Punkte zu machen. Bei dieser Variante wird nach den oben beschriebenen Regeln zu Scopa gespielt, nur dass das Legen eines Asses alle Tischkarten kauft.

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